“LULU & HE” by Nik Ridley | 24”x24” Acrylic+Collage on canvas | @artbynikridley

This piece was inspired by Ethiopian Coptic Art and was originally titled: "Cristos in Babylon." I employed texture to emulate the richness found an ancient art, especially works with religious motifs. I borrowed a bit from the Cubist perspective, as I played with rich, dark colors and earth tones - with the intention being to convey resilience and relevance.

This piece also personifies the blending of the masculine and feminine, a marriage of two ideas into one Ideal. The colors on their faces telling a story of many dimensions Within the individual being connected by something as inconsequential as a black line.

The number 4 represents Foundation. The very thing that we rely on to give us context, to know where we stand, our place in this world.